Lotte Egtberts

Harbinger III: Imperfect Agreements

170 x 240 mm
Edition: 350
Design: Jonas de Ruytter
Editors: Lieselotte Egtberts, Laila Melchior
Proofreading: Chris Dupuis
Published by KASK & Conservatorium

The publication Harbinger III: Imperfect Agreements was published as a part of the Harbinger curatorial programme, curated by the participants in the Curatorial Studies programme of 2018-2019. Harbinger III: Imperfect Agreements concluded the Harbinger programme by bringing together contributions by the participating speakers in Harbinger I: First Signs, the participating artists in Harbinger II: Subtle Collisions and other partners to the programme.

Next to being the chief editor for Harbinger III: Imperfect Agreements, I contributed to the publication in co-writing the introduction with Laila Melchior, as well as collecting a number of quotes by women scientists and providing a shortly written biography for each of them in collaboration with Carla Besora (Other Women’s Flowers).