Lotte Egtberts

n o s h o w s h o w

09.07.2020 - 31.08.2020
Serie of artist presentations at KOLDER, Ghent, BE
Participating artists: Nanami Maeda, Robin Verslegers, Indrė Svirplytė, Sybren Janssens, Cecile Broekaert, Jonas Beerts, Elisa Maenhout and Sander Misplon.

n o s h o w s h o w was kindly supported by the city of Ghent.

See the full video documentation by Nanami Maeda.

In summer 2020, moss organised a series of eight solo presentations by young artists living in Ghent. These presentations were hold in the confined vitrine space of KOLDER, a former artist-run space in the Dampoort neighbourhood.

In 2020, Covid-19 confinement measures and social distancing impacted the way we traditionally present and experience art, with physical spaces closing and a long list of shows, festivals, concerts cancelled or postponed inde- finitely across the globe.

But when doors are closed, windows and vitrines become stages for contactless interactions. Together with our ambition to support the creative community of the city, moss looked into different ways of future exhibition making.

This desire resulted in n o s h o w s h o w, in which eight artists got full carte blanche to develop a mini solo presentation in the vitrine of KOLDER. This resulted in a colourful and diverse array of shows, including different mediums such as performance, kinetic sculpture, photography, installation, painting and more.

n o s h o w s h o w: Indrė Svirplytė, Dreamworld © moss

n o s h o w s h o w: Nanami Maeda, neighbourhood#03 MOUNTAIN © Photo by Marens van Leunen

n o s h o w s h o w: Sybren Janssens, Welcome To The Human Retreat Resort. Free Entrance For A More Happy Life © moss

n o s h o w s h o w: Cecile Broekaert, Anemoia © moss

n o s h o w s h o w: Jonas Beerts, Comment aller au ciel? (about 777 ways to escape) © Photo by Jonas Beerts

n o s h o w s h o w: Elisa Maenhout, A Depth Most Would Drown In © Photo by Elisa Maenhout

n o s h o w s h o w: Sander Misplon, Het belooft de transformatie van binnen en buiten © moss